our Story

Truman’s Brewery, East London since 1666, are the sole importers and distributers of Côte Breton Brut Cidre in the UK. After falling in love with this true cidre on holidays in Britany, we approached Val D’Rance, who produce some of the finest cidre in the region. This collaboration brings a unique cidre across the sea and gives drinkers in the UK a chance to try an authentic French cidre.

In 1953 a cooperative of 9 local apple farmers in Brittany was created. The dream was to protect and grow the apple farming business, there are now over 240 farmers who are part of the cooperative and a critical part of food heritage has been saved.

With over 60 years of experience, the farmers produce some of Brittany’s finest cider. This knowledge and heritage combined with modern production methods, allows them to craft a special cidre with natural fruit flavours.

Côte Breton Brut Cidre has a unique recipe, developed by the Cellar Master, who selects several varieties of apples to blend for maximum flavour. Like a chef for cider, he develops and masters the recipe to get the best flavour.